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Cynthia Whitehead has more than 30 years experience in drafting Cynthia Whitehead and negotiating legislation in more than 35 countries. Since 1987, she has advised governments, international organizations, industry and the public on the preparation and revision of laws and, in particular, regulatory structures to meet the requirements of the European Union and international law. She has been an in-house legal consultant to the Commission of the European Communities, working on chemicals control, waste management, air and water quality, and the control of genetically-modified organisms. She specializes in environment, natural resources and administrative law at international, national and local levels of government. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Reed College and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oregon. A Fulbright-Hays scholar, she has held research positions at the University of Cologne and the University of Munster, Germany. She is the author of numerous training courses on legislation and the rule of law, and editor of the first comprehensive, nine-language publication of European Union environmental law. She is a member of the International Association of Legislation, INPROL, and the Oregon State Bar.

Training concepts, tools and techniques for drafting sustainable laws and regulations

Training and assistance in regulatory impact assessment

Consultation and negotiation with stakeholders

Conflict resolution and reconciliation in post-conflict regions

Assisting national compliance with international law, technical standards and practices, and international trade and commercial agreements

Adapting international or foreign norms and standards to the conditions and culture of the country

Approximation of national laws and administrations with the European Union

International harmonization of laws, integration of national economies to the global economy

Action planning, implementation, monitoring and assessment

Implementation and enforcement

International cooperation in criminal law

Organization of conferences, workshops, seminars, multi-language publications


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Access to justice legislation

Administrative procedure

Anti-corruption, money-laundering and organized crime

Climate change

Commercial law

Communication of laws, rights and procedures

Environment law

Humanitarian and human rights law

Intellectual property rights

International arbitration and mediation

International trade and commercial transactions

Land use and regional planning

Minerals and mining

Natural resources management

Public information, transparency, participation and accountability

Rule of law and strengthening of judicial and justice institutions


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Judge Zafar Gondal has 20 years experience in judicialZafar Gondal administration, law reform, commercial and trade law, organized and economic crimes, and drafting laws and regulations in developing and post-conflict countries. He has worked in countries with common law, civil law and Islamic law systems and cultures. Most recently, he worked in Afghanistan as Project Legal Officer and component manager where he trained state prosecutors working on economic and organized crimes, judges in commercial law and procedure, national ministries in international trade law and the Ministry of Commerce and Industries in commercial law, procedure, commercial arbitration, principles of contracts, and drafting laws and regulations. Previously, he has been working as Judicial Magistrate, Senior Civil Judge, and Section Officer for Law Reform in the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs of Pakistan. He was Additional Director of the project to prepare Pakistan’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy, 2002. He holds an LL.M. degree in Legislative Studies from the School of Advanced Studies, University of London and an LL.M. degree in Transnational Commercial Laws, International Economic Law and Economic Crimes from King’s College. He is member of the International Association of Legislation, the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsels, the Sir William Dales Centre for Legislative Studies, the Lahore High Court Bar Association, the International Association of Prosecutors, INPROL, the UN Asia and Far East Institute, and Fellow of the International Bar Association.

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